Dishonored: Release Date Confirmed in October

Arkane Studios announced today that fans only have to wait until October 9th for their steam punk themed assassin action game Dishonored. The publishers, Bethesda, who are the makers of the epic Elder Scrolls games, said that they were pleased that the title was capturing the imaginations of fans.

According to Bethesda, Arkane Studios are working on getting a playable demo working in time for the game’s E3 outing. That is a very exciting prospect as E3 is in early June. That should mean that before long we will start to see a lot more gameplay footage. There is already gameplay footage available, and industry observers have been watching this game for a long time. At Gamescom last year we were treated to a few short minutes of footage from this game. We were shown how Corvo, the game’s protagonist, could possess the body of a rat and crawl through a hole in the wall to get passed a locked door. Since then other footage has shown how the supernatural assassin can break his fall be possessing the body of a guard right before he hits the ground. Corvo can also stop time. One really cool looking gameplay element that I saw was when the player froze time just as a guard pulled the trigger of his gun. The bullet was frozen mid-air. The player then turned the guard around so that he was facing his own bullet and unfroze time, thus forcing the guard to shoot himself.

If Arkane Studios are planning on bringing a working demo to E3 then I think we can look forward to more content coming our way over the next few weeks! Dishonored will be released October 9th in the US and October 12th in Europe.

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pixel Dishonored: Release Date in October Confirmed

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