Skyrim DLC Dawngaurd Xbox360 will not work … Help!?

Well, I got this morning before work and get in Skyrim * NEW * DLC “Dawngaurd”, and I easily downloaded and my game has also been updated … soooo I said, “Why not!” .. Start playing it and Dawngaurd quest begins .. I quickly go to the stables and Riften take a little jog on my new quest, and it freezes! so I turn it off and try again .. freezes again .. I tried to remove the update, and it will not load Dawngaurd .. I tried re-updating and it will not work either just freezes when I fast travel, go through the door, and / or leave the city .. I am very close to throwing myself down the stairs! HELP! icon smile Skyrim DLC Dawngaurd Xbox360 wont work... Help!?

Responses to Alden
This may be a bug, only to wait for the patch ID (if soon)

response to Tyler
I think his mistake, because when I try to play, and he, my world will not boot and I fall all over the world.

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pixel Skyrim DLC Dawngaurd Xbox360 wont work... Help!?

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