Skyrim: My Follower can’t follow me anymore..?
So….I was doing the thieves quest where you had to shadow this guy near the docks near Solitude, so I was doing that..then my follower followed me into a place where “I’m not supposed to be at” and every time I clicked on her she would say “You’re not supposed to be here” I wanted to have her wait so the guards wouldn’t catch I told her to wait INSIDE and I can’t tell her to wait outside in Skyrim cause like I said she would say I’m not supposed to be now shes waiting there still.The game said she would eventually go back to my home but I have waited for 72 hours(3 days) in game and she still have not returned home…so can anyone tell me how to fix this?Cause I gave her Deadric Armor With legendary…and also my Legendary Deadric Bow and I wanted it this is pretty important lol.If you know what dock i’m talking about the guards only talk to me and tell me to get out but ignore my follower(Shes the Housecarl for the Thane of Solitude btw).
Marin, My autosaved saved over my file.. so if I were to load I would have to restart the ENTIRE thing again as in like 3 more quest before I do that again.Mathew, thank-you but I found a solution I just got another Follower ._. I didn’t have any free ones so I bought one from the Bee and Barb funny guy,but weak.Eric, I have a xbox and also I wouldn’t cheat, cause I don’t cheat =,=.


Answer by Marin
You could always just kill her to get your stuff back. If you Hold down A on her it will bring up the Quick options, Best solution. Tell here to go in through the door the Arigonian went. Inside the cave should not be off limits.

Look at her and Hold down A, You get the Option to tell her to interact with the world. Either make her swim across quickly or walk her around. tell her to go through the door. Im not sure if it will work but it’s worth a try

Also Load an Auto save?

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pixel Skyrim: My Follower cant follow me anymore..?

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