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This is my second game and a third attempt to ensure that my character is due to spend perk points does my character is not fun. My first character was spealized Argonian in the double-axis to own, heavy armor, speech, and forging. I did not bother with a charming addition to increase the throughput of items. I do not want my second character in the same measure is mainly using two weapons, except backstabbing.Poka khajiit I plan to use for night vision (easier to see for looting), which have generally get filled, the majority of light armor, some pickpocket, a few points of one hand on the two weapons and archery are completely filled. I was planning to use a bow related mainly to the arrows. After reading more it seems that the actual bow better with a little more damage, spell, and not to use the perk point spell. I can still use the related onion (after reaching level 50 in conj.) And a mysterious mandatory for use as a back-end I’m running out of arrows, because I do not have good aim. I’m also going to use the illusion of casting for a quiet and anger / rage, but read that it does not work in higher urovnyah.Dolzhen I increase the charming and forging, and if so, what benefits should receive them in the trees? Should I use alchemy to make better potions / poisons? I have a magic / health / endurance ratio may be? It would be wise to invest in the magic of the destruction or restoration packed battles, or is unable to attack from a distance? Or should I invest in a spell for extra help in the heavy fighting to keep the enemy occupied? Thank you. I probably use the charming and forging. I think it would be foolish not to raise their smithing way my armor / weapons will not be so good. Should I go to all corners of the world in forging armor? What a charming relief should not be used? Now I have 150 magic, 210 health and 120 stamina. Should I stop the growth of my magic and focus on the other two, or add a bit more in magic?

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If you do not invest in a charming, then put incentives in the blacksmith’s not worth it. Without the spell would be better to use a bow than a bound on a regular basis. If you are using a bow-related, then the alignment of a spell to call, no doubt, will be useful for bosses BC dremora Lords super strong. If you are using archery and then pull off the alchemy will be better than the rehabilitation, because it spells, able to detect and Alchemy has several types than just healing. I have more stamina than the health of BC, only preliminary should not fall much. For Magica, I would just get to be able to throw connected now and then call if you have found

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Go to everything you said up to ” I can still use the associated bow. ” Disregard anything after that. First, forging important because you can upgrade your bows. 100 points for an arrow from a bow 2x Daedra is fantastic. Secondly, recovery is required. Get perk up and deferral adept privilege for hairy situations. Third, you can spell, if people swarm you. In addition, the label’s death is the single best scream in the game, and then the inexorable force, if you are in pitiable sostoyanii.Chestno speaking, like a thief, you do not have any magic, health and stamina. Theoretically, you should not. You are good at magic, though you can upgrade it later if you get the healing spells you can not quit. For the most part, you want the upper, middle, lower health, be the first to the second endurance, and magic poslednim.Vam be no need to even forging even if you do not want. I just bought steel and mystery. You can upgrade all you will find owning a perk just means that you can update it or better to do it. You can use the benefits on the one hand, or something else. It all depends on your enchanting potrebnostey.Vse well. This is an underrated tree. It depends on what you want, but I prefer the middle path. I like a solid experience increases in comparison with the elemental damage. I never use magic weapons, so they need to be recharged, but it’s me. Increased health, magic, or skill is always useful, though.

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