What’s the best character build for Skyrim?
I’m going to play Skyrim for the third time, my last one was a mage build but everything up to enchanting is complicated (for me)
What’s the best race & build for Skyrim?

Answer by Iron_Plague
That depends on your style of play.

That’s like asking “what’s the best type of girl to take to the prom?”. You take the one that you like, that suits you.

Answer by ♥ Honest Heart ♥
Well, “best” is hard to say, because it all depends on your playstyle. However, if you didn’t enjoy playing a mage, you might want to go for a more straightforward approach as a warrior (I’ve played warrior, mage, and thief, and no matter what the warrior playstyle still feels the most natural to me).

Anyway, as far as warrior races go, look at a Redguard, Nord, Orc, or maybe an Imperial for warrior-types to get started out (doesn’t matter too much, though, but those are pretty much built to be warriors right out of the box). You’ll want to have at least one melee style (one-handed or two-handed) that you’re proficient in and it doesn’t hurt to look at one ranged style as well (maybe archery, or some people go for destruction). I like heavy armor for my warrior, but everyone’s different, and you’ll definitely want to work on smithing and enchanting because having good armor is very important as a warrior.

Just my thoughts. Play how you like, but if you don’t like being a mage, a warrior might fit you.

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pixel Whats the best character build for Skyrim?

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